Online Course: US Virgin Islands Real-Estate Agent Pre-Licensing Exam Preparation
Learn the ins and outs of basic real estate concepts from accomplished instructors and real estate professionals. Also learn the local rules, regulations, and laws you need to enter this lucrative career. This course prepares you to take the US Virgin Islands Real Estate Sales Licensing Exam.
• Prepare for Real Estate Sales Licensing Exam
The course package is completely online with 24/7 access and includes national real estate material presented in both text and PowerPoint presentations .with unit quizzes, final exam, and exam prep questions. Additionally, US Virgin Island-specific information: is in text format.
The course includes Course material that covers general knowledge topics like:
Real Estate Theory
History of Real Estate
Real Estate Financing
Real Estate Math
Federal Laws
Additionally, US Virgin Island-specific information:
USVI Rules, Code & Regulations
Property Laws
Landlord-Tenant Laws
No other purchases are required but we also offer a math prep, audio files for the national knowledge, an eBook, and tutoring.